May 172013


The curator of a museum specializes in conceptualizing an exhibition and directing the collection by selecting the essential works to be displayed. The decisions of the curator resonate throughout the museum; creating a specific feeling and bringing to mind new ideas. That is why it is especially important to work through the same curatorial process in order to create the atmosphere we want in our home.

Apr 122013

You will encounter a wall of notecards and postcards in pretty much any museum store you walk into. Not ours….at least, not until now. The wood that lines the MOA Store is taken from one beautiful tree. It is amazing. You can follow the grain of the wood all around the store. The problem with that beautiful wood is that we never wanted to damage it in any way, making it (we thought) impossible to put up any shelves for the notecards. I can’t believe it took us so long to come up with mounting tape, but within a week of thinking of it…

notecard display shelves

card racks2

card racksJust in case anyone is wondering the card shelves (also called “J” trays) are from and we used Scotch Mounting Tape. If you are not concerned with holes in the wall, this would be a great way to display favorite children’s books.

Seeing something you like? Shop our museum notecards and postcards. Our everyday greetings are sold in our store only.


Apr 112013

Working in retail will always throw one’s internal calendar completely off. When a normal being is looking forward to Halloween I have got Valentine’s Day on my brain.  So, the fact that Mother’s Day is on its way is no surprise here. For all of you who like to celebrate holidays in their proper season, this Mother’s Day banner is for you. It is super easy to make. Pick awesome font (like Ever After), print on card stock, cut in 2″ strips leaving about three inches above each letter, fold over tops, sew ribbon over the folded tops (I used a zig zag stitch), hang. Fab.

mother's day2

Mother's Day Banner

Nov 302012

We started using tulle for our gift wrapping a few years ago. With so many cashiers, we needed to find a way to get perfect bows every time. After perfecting the art, we are giving our secrets to you. Happy gift wrapping!

1. cross ends of tulle (you can find tulle here or your local paper store, we often go to expedx)

2. tie a simple bow, make bows even and pull very tight

3. tie another bow on top of the first one (you can repeat this step as many times as you want)

4. fluff bows and ends

5. cut ends even with bows

6. give a beautiful gift