Sep 262013
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Primary Association

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Primary Association, The Children’s Friend

A story told by Mahonri’s dear childhood friend Lee Greene Richards:

“I had gathered up a few choice pieces of wood which had fallen from the top of our old high posted fence. Hon (Mahonri) and I had bought a fifty cent set of wood carving tools, purchased at the Z.C.M.I. One day we decided to try our skill at wood carving. I remember very distinctly that the head Hon carved was of Julius Caesar; and when we had done our stuff, I took some gold bronze and painted them. Hon hurried home to show his mother his creation, which he had copied from a picture we found in a book. His mother gave it the place of honor, on the mantle in the parlor. One day a man called at the Young home to try and sell a subscription for an illustrated encyclopedia of useful household information. He noticed the gold bust on the mantle and picked it up and turned it around to study it from several angles. He inquired who had made it and, when told her son only eleven had carved it, the man was thrilled. “He is a genius,” were the man’s words. When Hon’s mother told him what the man had said, this pleased him. Hon was not slow to pass the good news to his companions. The story spread and soon the children were jokingly calling Mahonri Young “The Genius.”

Excerpt taken from “A Song of Joys: The Biography of Mahonri Mackintosh Young.”

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